Anne et Valentin: the art of making eyewear

The two founders, Anne et Valentin have begun to create collection after collection in the spirit of the constant renewal of forms and colors that has brought them their beautiful current creations.  Captivating geometric cuts, brilliant colors and materials of the highest quality for Anne et Valentin eyewear.
Between spontaneity and meticulous planning, the collection has traveled in just a short time through all of Europe, the United States, Canada, Japan, and beyond. A collection studied down to the last detail. The materials used for Anne et Valentin frames are cellulose acetate, derived from the pulp of cotton which has the characteristic of rendering colors of singular brilliance, and titanium in all its purity, material of the highest quality, at the same time light and durable. The goal is that of satisfying the essence of every identity.

“Every time you put on a pair of glasses, you present yourself to the world exactly the way you want to!”

The philosophy that separates Anne et Valentin is that of creating eyewear that renders those who wear it “happy to be themselves!”

Today, the location founded in Toulouse is still the main headquarters of the brand today. Their great and exciting adventure began in September of 1980, when Valentin obtained his optician’s license. The couple, after having opened an optical shop, decided to utilize a very different approach, offering a selection of anonymous eyewear and guaranteeing a different sales philosophy.  Later, Anne decided to create her own line, taking her designs to a small laboratory for creation of prototypes. In 1984, the first collection soberly named “Anne et Valentin” is launched, containing models that are original and technical, with vivacious colors, and with the guarantee of unique comfort and style.