About us

Founded in 1965 in Milan, Crisafulli Eyewear has had a precise mission since day one: to ensure eyewear is an accessory worn with enthusiasm rather than a bland, impersonal vision-correcting medical device

Company history

Sebastiano Crisafulli opened his first optical boutique in Milan in 1965. At the time, glasses were considered nothing more than a medical device to correct poor eyesight. Style, aesthetics and comfort were secondary considerations, often not considered at all.

Glasses as an all-round accessory that brings out your best features

Well ahead of his time, Mr Crisafulli sensed the need for a new, different way of “seeing”. He understood that glasses shouldn’t be relegated to an impersonal corrective apparatus. Instead, they could be an elegant accessory, one that brings out the wearer’s facial features while improving his or her vision.

Much more than an eyewear reseller, Mr Crisafulli was a trusted consultant who specialised in the correction of vision issues while observing the proportions of the face. In line with this new role, which combines aesthetics and optical well-being, Crisafulli Eyewear sells elegant glasses in original shapes and unique colours – refined frames made by the hands of the world’s leading craftsmen. Always in-step with optical technology, we offer featherweight lenses and advanced coatings and manufacturing processes, all under the guidance of our highly-trained style consultants.

An eyewear and style atelier

In 1969, Crisafulli moved to Galleria del Corso, 4, an easy-to-reach address in the heart of Milan, a stone’s throw from the Duomo and Via Montenapoleone, which was about to take off as the international hub of Italian fashion. The words “Eyewear aesthetics atelier” were written on the door, a declaration of the desire to satisfy two needs: perfect vision and feeling great.

Today, Crisafulli Eyewear is managed by Fabrizio, Sebastiano’s son, who has extended his father’s mission to meet the needs of the 21st century. His boutique isn’t a simple dispensing optician’s shop, but rather a true aesthetic advisor, a centre offering consultancy to ensure eyewear is perfectly suited to each customer’s features and personal style.

Our philosophy

Choosing a pair of glasses isn’t easy. Eyewear isn’t like other accessories.

Bought the wrong bracelet? It can always be covered up by your sleeve. But glasses can’t be hidden. They’re on your face, front and centre! Finding the right pair of spectacles is hard – there are so many factors to consider. If the colour of the frames doesn’t complement your skin tone, you risk looking sickly, or like you just walked off the set of a sci-fi film. If the size isn’t right, they’ll look giant or tiny, and in any case, awkward and clumsy. If they rest poorly on the nose, they’ll be heavy and uncomfortable, a true pain to wear. If the lenses aren’t centred on the eyes and the way they move as you look at the world around you, they may cause dizziness, headache and general discomfort. In short, choosing the right pair of glasses is a challenge!

That’s why our goal is to ensure you leave the Crisafulli boutique looking and feeling great, wearing eyewear that is both beautiful and well-made. Our style consultants and technicians will guide you as you choose your next pair of spectacles or sunglasses, making sure they bring out your best features while offering crystal-clear vision and unrivalled comfort.

Design, originality and quality

To meet your vision requirements and stylistic needs, we select the best eyewear collections there are, choosing brands that are interesting in terms of their design, originality and quality. We then go one step further, hand-selecting the best models in terms of shape, colour and detail.

From the day we opened our doors in 1965, we have offered customers artistic eyewear from limited edition collections handmade by master craftsmen. We truly know eyewear. We’ve studied the history of glasses, we’ve shaken the hands of eyewear designers and craftsmen, we’ve visited manufacturing facilities and warehouses, and since 1965 we’ve watched the market evolve.

Our goal is to find the perfect pair of frames, ones that you’ll be excited about wearing – and showing off. This is why, since the day we opened our doors, we’ve never thought of ourselves as a simple optician’s shop, but rather an eyewear and style studio, a place to find beautiful, original glasses that fit perfectly in every sense of the word.



Born in Milan, Fabrizio dreams of living in Bora Bora. His idea of a perfect evening is: pizza, a film and Latin dance. Enthusiastic about organic, natural disciplines, Fabrizio manages the Crisafulli staff according to the founder’s ideas, but with an innovative spirit, like only an engineer can...


The cornerstone of the Crisafulli staff, Luana started working with the company in 1996. Her dedication has remained consistent over the years, just like her passion for her job. A friendly, welcoming sales consultant, she ensures clients choose the right pair of glasses...


An optician since 2006, Fabio began working with Crisafulli Eyewear in 2015. A prescription spectacles expert, he manages eye exams, determines the right lenses for each client and sees to their assembly. Dynamism, congeniality and professionalism are just a few of his outstanding qualities...


After starting his career as an ophthalmic lab technician, Marco became an optician and eventually an optometrist. Having refined his craft for over twenty years in the shop, Marco provides exceptionally professional eye exams. He becomes a teenager once again whenever he finds himself amid video games and blu-rays...