Anne et Valentin

Sweet with a dash of irony

France, the early 1980s: Anne, an interior decorator, was assigned the job of planning a new shop for Valentin, an optician. From that chance meeting came a new boutique, a love story and a company that crafts glasses that encapsulate all the romanticism and joy that Anne and Valentin can pour into them. More than 30 years later, the two business and life partners have proven to be an important representative of Fabriqué en France craftsmanship. Through unexpected shapes and intense colour contrasts, their far-from-ordinary eyewear is enlivened by the same delight as a child as he draws, revealing a happy, whimsical world full of tenderness and joie de vivre. Wearing Anne et Valentin frames is a declaration of one’s point of view, a commitment not to take things too seriously and to bring the right amount of wit and irony to everyday life.