A bridge between old and new

Gernot Lindner has one of the largest collections of antique glasses in Europe, with models dating from 1650 to 1950. After years sifting through attics and antiques galleries, the German eyewear connoisseur began producing glasses in 1991, hiring a team of opticians and designers to found Lunor. The company reinterprets the classic models in his collection, bridging old and new, vintage shapes and contemporary materials. To maintain their retro spirit, Lunor frames have an intentionally antiqued appearance. Only a few small changes are made to the original designs, just enough to ensure comfort. And, of course, the materials are all modern, including high-quality acetate and titanium, and prized wood and leather for the cases. Even the brand’s manufacturing methods follow tradition, with each frame worked by hand using thorough artisan processes. Though slow and meticulous, the results are truly worth it: unique, luxurious, comfortable eyewear.