Starck Eyes

Two designers for singular innovation

Philippe Starck is one of the world’s most celebrated architects. For years, he has designed buildings and odd, provocative objects. Yet he’s always remained far from the world of eyewear. That is, until he met Alain Mikli, a French optician that practically invented the profession of eyewear designer in the 1970s. Between Starck’s imagination and Mikli’s experience, their collaborative energy gave rise to Stark Eyes: a unique collection of glasses. Robust and essential, Starck Eyes pieces border on minimalism, with opaque hues and the occasional nod to tortoise shell shades. But what makes Starck Eyes truly special is Biolink, an innovative hinge that acts like a miniature shoulder joint, allowing the temples to move a full 360° in any direction. Inspired by the human body, Biolink makes each pair of Starck glasses flexible and durable, perfect for those seeking an accessory that’s sure to last.