Discover the future of eyewear with exclusive Iconics from Porsche Design

Porsche Design recently launched three absolute novelties in the world of eyewear, aiming their reflectors on their unmistakable style and distinctive philosophy of elegance and brand design.  The first model of the Iconic Porsche Design line is Hairband, a unique frame design that can be worn either as glasses or as an accessory for glamour hair that emphasizes an urban, ultra-modern look.  A black screen, curved elegantly, covers the frame, which slips naturally behind the lenses and stands out for the absolute originality of form and for the preciousness of the red-gold color. A distinctive trait of the frame is the folding mechanism which transforms a hairband into sunglasses simply by pressing a button that allows it to return to its original form with just one movement.

A device that is invisible to the casual observer, because it’s hidden under the side arms, designed by Rodenstock in an original prototype and implemented by hand in all models.

occhiali Iconics Porsche Design Sidewall

The second model available exclusively in the Crisafulli Eyewear store is the Sidewall, existing in just 250 units around the world, and inspired by the very first ski masks but with the sporty elegance of the new millennium. 

What do you think of it? Come in and try it, exclusively in the Crisafulli Eyewear store – eyewear made entirely by hand and with only 250 pieces released around the world, of which only 10 are reserved for Italy!