Bruce Willis stands out with Oliver Peoples

Almost all the VIPs are die-hard fans of sunglasses. Their motives are many: Rihanna in order to hide bloodshot eyes from the merrymaking of the night before, Angelia Jolie uses them to avoid photographers’ flashes, Bruce Willis and Brad Pitt wear them only because they’re stylish. But the choice must be closely studied, and in this case, all four have one name in common: Oliver Peoples.

But what renders this eyewear brand so unique? The idea was born by chance: two California surfers, the Leight brothers who founded the brand, acquired a stock of vintage eyewear (back when used things were not yet fashionable) and they adapted them to the trends of the time, without modifying their used appeal.  The real boom was in 1987, when the most beloved (and hated) star of the American star system, Andy Warhol, wore them for shots on the cover of Vogue Germany.

Today, Oliver Peoples is part of the Italian group Luxottica, and to celebrate 25 years, they’re launching a new collection in limited edition which gives homage to the unique style of the brand. Now we know why they have become a must-have for so many celebrities: Diane Keaton, Kevin Costner, Jennifer Aniston and many others can no longer do without them. They say that Johnny Depp has an entire collection. That’s where he gets his allure!