Eva Riccobono – cat-like sunglasses

Sunglasses: among VIPs they’re a must, even in the winter, even if there’s no sun

VIPs now wear sunglasses in every season, without looking anyone in the eyes, without worrying about the weather, whether it’s raining or foggy. In order to try to blend in with the crowd, to render themselves more mysterious, or even to hide bags under their eyes or black eyes after a fun night, or a small surgery right there, where the crow’s feet are, sunglasses – as the VIPs teach us – are a must-have….Eva Riccobono, top model and actress of great allure, surprised while shopping in Rome in a shoe store, whips out a pair of black sunglasses (inside the store): to protect her eyes from the neon?

[Fonte: Donna Moderna]